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My name is Ryan Groff and I'm the owner of Perennial Sound Studio, a multi-room recording, teaching, and creative space. Open since December 2012, I've nurtured the studio into an inspiring and comfortable environment intended to let others with any musical interest, whether it's learning to play one or more instruments, songwriting, sonic exploration, or full-on production & recording, have a place to open themselves up to new ideas & experiences.

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Music Lessons

I offer instruction & exploration of the following: acoustic & electric guitar, voice, beginner to intermediate piano/keyboards, ukulele, bass guitar, music theory, songwriting, & recording/engineering/production. Click below to learn more!


Sound Production

The studio is a 500 square-foot multi-room creative space: Control Room, Live Room + Loft, Drum Room, Small Iso/Vocal Room, and a bathroom. It was wired during construction to be completely interconnected to make isolated recording quick & easy. And it has been my goal to not just create a space for me to create music in, but for anyone who wants an inspiring and comfortable environment to do what they do.

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